Custom Molding and Design

Do you have an idea? Or maybe you already have a design? What you may not be sure of is how to turn it into a commercial part. We can do that! Our custom molding services can help you turn your project into reality. With large and small all electric and hydraulic machines we can find the right combination of mold, cavities and press to match to your requirements.

NEW! – We have upgraded our design software to TopSolid 7 solid modeling solution enabling us to speed up the process and integrate with mold manufacturing process.

Our design and molding services can transfer take your project to commercialization.

Need help in the design? – We can do that with confidentiality!
Need help optimizing a design for production? – We can do that!
Need someone to run existing products? Someone who has your interests in mind? – You have found them and can count on them to get it done.

The process to get this done is outlined below but it can’t start without you. Just give us a call at 215-736-3020 or fill out the form below at no obligation and you will be on your way through the process including:

– Project scope definition.

– Design and optimization.

– Prototyping and revision

– Mold design.

– Production.