Custom Molding and Design

NisseiBoy 50EInjection Molding Pellets

Patterson Plastics and Manufacturing are here to offer high quality and low cost solutions to any plastic injection manufacturing inquiries. PPM can take any idea or problem and provide solutions and insight to improve and optimize design, tooling, production, and packaging. Using the high powered CAD drawing software Solidworks and 3-D printing, PPM has the capabilities to get any concept completed and in your hands in a very timely matter. Our dedicated designers and tool makers can create molds that are quality, have precision tolerances, and optimal cycle times. Please inquire and let PPM turn your project into commercialization.

If you already have a mold completed PPM has the machine power to manufacture your part in high quantities. With a wide range of hydraulic or all electric presses in varying sizes, PPM has the abilities to match production to individual requirements of any application. With access to many different types of plastic and color concentrates, PPM can produce parts to have any physical appearance as well as the needed mechanical characteristics that may be required for your part.

The process to get this done cannot begin without you. Just give PPM a call at 215-736-3020 or send an email with some details to Sales at and let PPM get started on your next custom project.