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The Quality You Demand.
The Inventory You Need.

In cast concrete, time is money. Patterson Plastics & Manufacturing delivers the products you need, when you need them. That’s why the best manufacturers put their trust in Patterson’s full line of concrete accessories.

Quality Drives Performance.

The best concrete fabrication depends on the quality of its components. Patterson Plastics & Manufacturing’s (PPM’s) accessories are made to perform.

Made in USA

For exemplary quality

Precision Manufacture

A team of skilled and experienced engineers and technicians design, prototype and manufacture Patterson concrete accessories.

Ready for Delivery

Patterson maintains expansive warehouse space to ensure on-demand inventory for immediate delivery—so your job won’t be held up waiting for supplies.

Architectural Chairs

Made from 100 percent composite polymer, PPM accessories won’t rust and cause staining or corrosion deterioration in the field.

Featured Products

A Full Line Of Concrete Accessories, Stocked For Immediate Delivery

Factory direct concrete accessories. Bulk containers available. Large project pricing. A range of colors, including concrete matching. Custom molding and design.

Stacked Chairs

Stack Chairs

Durable: economical Stack Chairs available in standard and heavy duty sizes that deliver strength and durability in a small footprint


Plastic Wheels

Smart: Wheels and Zip Wheels offer strong, lightweight support with minimal surface contact
Individual Chairs

Individual Chairs

Versatile: A to AB, every size and style chair, in stock and ready for delivery
Slab Bolster

Slab Bolster

Expandable: slab bolster components lock together to accommodate any length

We offer custom injection molding and design. Precision-made, to your specifications. Your components, made well.

40 Years Of Concrete
Industry Innovation.

Patterson Plastics and Manufacturing is the concrete industry’s trusted accessories producer.

We didn’t build that reputation overnight. Family owned and operated, Patterson has been engineering, manufacturing and innovating concrete accessory products for nearly four decades.

Since 1940