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About Patterson

Quality. Reliability. Patterson.

Patterson knows what matters: quality, inventory and reliability.

Patterson Plastics and Manufacturing’s Injection-molded concrete accessories are all made in the USA, to precision specifications.

In addition to plastic chairs, wheels and bar supports, Patterson designs, engineers and manufactures custom-molded plastic components. We craft prestressed lifting loops and rebar supports from the most durable and reliable materials.

  • Our entire operation is located in the USA
  • We manufacture what we sell
  • We stock what you need
  • We answer the phone
  • We never hold up your job
Front Office
Since 1940

40 years of experience–thousands of jobs, done right

Patterson Plastics and Manufacturing is the concrete industry’s trusted accessories producer.

We didn’t build that reputation overnight. Family owned and operated, Patterson has been engineering, manufacturing and innovating concrete accessory products for nearly four decades.

Our entire operation is headquartered in Pennsylvania—with leading-edge production lines operated by skilled specialists. We have both production and warehouse capacity to fill the biggest and most complex orders, quickly.

Every job has its challenges. But for concrete suppliers that partner with PPM, getting the right accessories isn’t one of them. That’s our solemn promise to each and every customer—we won’t hold up
your job.

You can find concrete products cheaper—but PPM quality, strength and consistency are known the world over. Patterson is big enough to supply the largest and most complex projects. But we’re nimble enough to respond to customer needs in record time.

We expand and retool our lines continuously to better serve a growing industry. We’ve invested millions in the world’s finest machinery to ensure the best possible quality. Prestressed lift and rigging loops are made here, too, using superior materials. And we design and engineer new products all the time.

We’ve grown and expanded continuously over four decades, responding to a concrete industry that never stands still. But one thing remains the same; when you call, we answer. The sales and service team is steps away from the production line, so we know exactly what’s going on with today’s orders and tomorrow’s production.

That’s the Patterson difference: we make the products you need, stock the inventory you count on—and deliver the service you deserve.

Present Day

Patterson has complete in-house research and development capabilities. We’re innovating
tomorrow’s concrete accessories, today.

  • Laboratory expertise
  • 3D prototyping
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance

See our products in the field.

The best concrete fabrication depends on the quality of its components. PPM’s products are made to perform.

In stadiums, bridges, highways, skyscrapers, office buildings, garages, seaports and thousands of others, PPM concrete products are there. They bring strength, time-savings and rust-proof durability to concrete construction and fabrication projects, public and private, the world over.

Products In Field