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Product Line

Lifting Accessories

A full line of high-strength, precision-made plastic concrete accessories in rust-proof polymer composite, available in a variety of colors including custom concrete matching.

Lift Loop Clips

Lifting Loop Clips and Bases are designed so that the lifting loops are securely held in place through a slot in the form for consistent placement of spacing and height, which will insure equal lifting pressure on all lift loops. They are color-coded to match lift loop color-coded tags.

Lifting Loop Clips & Base
Strand Lifters

Strand Lifters

Patterson Plastics & Mfg. (PPM), fabricates steel wire lifter(s) from prestressed seven wire ASTM A-416 strand. PPM has manufactured lifters for over 39 years that are used to lift bridge beams, double tees, prison cells, septic tanks, lids and manholes etc.

All lifters are custom made to the customer’s specification and configuration. Capacity of lifter depends on the strength of the strand, length of embedment, condition of strand, diameter of loop, and the strength of concrete at time of lift.

Minimum embedment for each leg is recommended to be at a minimum of 24”. The strand surface must be free of contaminates such as form oil, grease, mud or loose rust, which would reduce the bond of strand to the concrete. Special care must be taken not to nick wires or to overheat from welding spatter. Tying lifter under steel reinforcements onto two 24’’ long rebar is recommended. The diameter of the hook or fitting is recommended to be at least four times the diameter of the lifting eye. Care should be taken in handling precast / prestress members in the field.
In the absence of testing or experience, the single strand safe working load and the conservative recommendation for double and triple strands to be.

  • 3/8” single strand lifter-4,000 lbs. 4 x 1 SWL in 4,500 psi concrete.
  • ½” single strand lifter-8,000 lbs. 4 x 1 SWL in 4,500 psi concrete.
  • ½” double strand lifter-13,600 lbs. 4 x 1 SWL in 4,500 psi concrete.
  • ½” triple strand lifter-17,600 lbs. 4 x 1 SWL IN 4,500 psi concrete.
  • ½” quad strand lifter- 22,700 lbs. 4 x 1 SWL IN 4,500 psi concrete
Physical Properties of Prestress Strand 270 Grade Lo Lax, ASTM A-416, 7 Wire
Diameter of strand Weight per 1,000’ Minimum Strength in Pounds
.375” 290 23,000
.50″ 520 41,300
.60″ 740 58,600